New Beginnings

In 2006, on a fall day not unlike today, a rescue organization based south of Grimsby, Ontario, found themselves suddenly occupied with dozens of new charges: a large group of abused, malnourished cats saved from the most horrific and deplorable conditions imaginable. Considering how hard it is to place even just one animal in an adoptive home, euthanasia seemed to be the only plausible outcome for 25 of those cats who were deemed “unadoptable”. These sad creatures had apparently been rescued only to be condemned.

Despite our limited resources, Cat Busters immediately took in 16 of those refugees. Through our efforts, each and every one of those cats found new homes where they could live out their years in the embrace of loving families and (hopefully) leave their nightmares in the past.

EmmaThis is only one of countless stories in Cat Busters’ history. Since our inception in May 2004, we have rescued 484 animals, including dogs, two rabbits and a turtle. 283 of them have found forever homes. It validates Margaret Mead who said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.” There were 5 of us when Cat Busters began. Today, we have 11 volunteers, 9 of which are also foster homes.

Just 6 months shy of our 10-year anniversary, it gives us great pleasure to launch this new website. It also marks a new chapter in our operations, as we welcome new volunteers, new partnerships, and an evolution in the way we tackle our Mission, which is:

“…to make a difference for all animals, to provide care until they can find their new loving families. By our actions and by example, our goal is to not only influence but to educate the communities we serve. Our aim is to put the humanity back into being human and re-establish our connection with animals. Ultimately we are looking to prevent the unnecessary euthanasia and neglect of companion and feral animals.”

We aspire to keep improving this site and rely on your feedback and support to continue doing what we do. As our new tagline says, “We’re here for them. They’re always there for you.”


3 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Hi there, I spoke to one of the ladies at adoption and I’ve decide to foster a cat. I’ve got the application filled out. Please let me know how to get the firm back to you. Thanks.
    Best, Carol

    • Hi Carol,

      Thank you very much for volunteering. You have several options for submitting the form.

      • If you have a scanner, you can scan the form and email the electronic copy to us.
      • You can also send the paper copy via regular mail.
      • You may bring it to us in person at our next Adoption Day event (once confirmed, our January event dates will be posted on our News & Events page)
      • Or if you don’t mind, you can fill out the electronic form on our Volunteer page — it’s the link near the bottom that says “Fostering Application”.

      We’ll contact you shortly via private email with our email and postal addresses.

      Best regards,
      Cat Busters Animal Rescue

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