Cats and Ladies = Art and Charity


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A group of local women artists, who also happen to be friends of Cat Busters, are putting on an exhibit called Meow Wow running from Aug 6 to Aug 31 at the Steam Whistle Roundhouse.  The exhibit’s opening reception will be on Aug 6 from 7:00 to 11:00pm.  This Cat & Lady Art Show explores the complex and varied associations between cats and women.  From the event programme:

There is no denying that cat culture is incredibly popular. Cats have held a captive audience in works of art, literature, in the home and today on the internet featuring prominently in many internet memes. While these depictions have been both positive and negative, one cannot deny the staying power of the imagery associated with cats, particularly their relationship with women. Witches familiars, ancient fertility goddesses, crazy cat ladies, Japanese cat girls and sexy leather clad feline villain women all show different sides of the ongoing relationship between cats and women in a cultural sense. Why are people drawn to cats this way?

These talented women are also generous: 10% of all art sales will be donated to Cat Busters!  Find a work of art to adorn your walls, support local artists and help an animal rescue, all at the same time!


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