A Second Chance for a Cat Dumped on a Doorstep


Last week, Cat Busters Animal Rescue was called in response to a heartless case of abandonment.

The individual who reached out to us had come home from work one evening to find an empty, filthy cat house buried in snow on her doorstep and a hand-scrawled note.  The message — from a former neighbor who had moved away more than half-a-year ago — essentially stated, here’s my cat, find a good home for him.  In a sick twist of irony, the cat house had previously been donated brand new to the cat’s “owner” …by the person who received this note.

The personable language of the message could not cover up the fact that this was straightforward animal cruelty.  The cat was nowhere in sight and he had been tossed away like garbage in the dead of winter.  Left behind with the soiled cat house was a near-empty bag of cat food. 

After a night and day fraught with worry, the kitty was found and caught by our contact, who was anxious to get him off the streets before the extreme cold weather forecasted for that evening.  She immediately took him to the vet.  Upon hearing this sad story, the clinic was kind enough to examine the cat right away without an appointment.

The poor, confused boy had a severely infected eye (likely neglected for a long time) and long strips of painfully matted fur on his back that had to be shaved off.  He also tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).  He is believed to be no more than 4-5 years old.


Frank, rolling around in the sun in happier times. [June 2017, photo courtesy of his rescuer]

We are calling this sweet tub of love Frank, in memory of another FIV cat who had an abundance of affection for people.  Frank lives up to his namesake.  In the year that he had lived near his eventual rescuer, he was a regular and frequent visitor, always thrilled to be petted.

Sadly, Frank was also sometimes seeking shelter from the bitter cold, having been left outdoors for days in subzero weather by his callous owner for spurious reasons such as, he meowed too much.  The notion that cats can get by in winter is a distortion of facts — they are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia when temperatures dip below freezing, and they certainly cannot get by for long without access to shelter, food or water.  Abandoning Frank on someone’s doorstep in Canadian winter conditions shows an utter disregard for his welfare.

heart-48522_1280We have short-term fostering arrangements for Frank, but he will be needing a semi-permanent or (better yet) a permanent home.  Please help us help him by sharing his story or donate much-needed funds towards his care.  If anyone is interested in fostering or adopting, we will be posting information soon about how to care for a FIV cat, which is not as daunting or risky as it was once believed to be.

Stay tuned for updates on Frank’s progress on this blog.


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