About Adoption Day

We at Cat Busters Animal Rescue (CBAR) would like to take a moment to address a matter of concern that came to light today at our Adoption Day event.  

Regrettably, a couple of rescues brought to the event were not in the best of health — they will be okay, but right now have common upper respiratory issues that result in snot, sneezes and sniffles.  Of special concern was one cat who was terrified to be at the venue, which combined with her respiratory infection, ended up panting in fear.

This is not in keeping with CBAR’s standards.  We put the health and welfare of our rescues first and foremost.  The frightened cat was subsequently withdrawn from the event for veterinary care.  Appropriate arrangements are also being made for the other two cats with the sniffles.  

The practical reality is that potential adoptive homes like to meet our rescues in person and for the most part, these adoption events are effective at finding forever homes.  However, we have to balance that against the well-being of the cat we’re trying to find a home for. We are now reassessing our criteria for adoption events, to ensure that only healthy rescues are put up for adoption and to make the experience as comfortable as possible for the cats carefully chosen to go to the event venues.  We will also be working more closely with our network of foster homes to monitor alignment with our standards of practice.

We appreciate the feedback received today and strive to make our future events positive and beneficial for all.  



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