Cat Busters Animal Rescue (CBAR) was established in May 1, 2004 and became a Registered Charity in October 2007 (Registered Charitable No. 80519 5757 RR0001). Relying on our network of foster homes and volunteers, we work in Toronto to rescue, rehabilitate, foster and re-home companion animals. We are also involved with the Trap/Neuter or Spay/Release (TNR) of feral cats in maintained colonies.

Cat Busters has a badge of approval from Adopt-a-Pet.com! This is a seal of credibility that the site issues to rescues and shelters that pass an annual screening process.


Cat Busters is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer and senior volunteers appointed by the Executive Officers.  The following documentation is available for download:

Adrienne Bentley, Chief Executive Officer

Adrienne is the founder of Cat Busters Animal Rescue.  Her animal rescuing efforts began at the early age of six.  Adrienne’s parents often had to return the “lost” cats to their owners that she brought home.  As an adult, she independently rescued many animals (both companion animals and wildlife).  Prior to founding CBAR, she was an active volunteer and long-term foster home with Toronto Cat Rescue.  As a volunteer with CBAR, Adrienne rescues, socializes, fosters and re-homes cats and kittens. She is very active in CBAR’s Trap/Spay or Neuter/Release Program and in its fundraising efforts.

Mary Anne Morrison, Chief Financial Officer

Mary Anne is the co-founder of Cat Busters Animal Rescue.  Prior to the formation of CBAR, acting as an independent rescuer, she actively assisted cats and kittens in need.  She was a long-term foster home for Toronto Cat Rescue.  As well as her continued direct involvement with rescuing, fostering and re-homing of cats and kittens in need, she is active in CBAR’s fundraising activities.

Diane Patterson, Chief Operations Officer

Diane’s first involvement in animal rescue was collecting cash donations door to door at the age of eight for an animal shelter.  Since then, as an independent rescuer, she has rescued a variety of abandoned or lost companion animals. Diane previously fostered for Toronto Cat Rescue. When Cat Busters Animal Rescue was starting up she joined the group. As a volunteer with CBAR she rescues, socializes, fosters and re-homes cats and kittens. She is also very active in socializing feral cats and kittens, fundraising and CBAR’s Trap/Spay or Neuter/Release Program.