Cat Busters would like to express tremendous gratitude to the following performers who are making our spectacular 2017 Purrfect Gala Fundraiser possible.  Special thanks go to Statlers Lounge (487 Church St, Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C6) for allowing us once again to host this event at their location.


    • A regular on the Toronto comedy scene, the hilarious Colleen Sibeon will be our master of ceremonies for the comedy portion of our event.  We owe her a ton of gratitude for almost single-handedly putting together the line-up for this year’s gala!
    • Also onstage will be Elisabeth Bailey, a rising comedic talent and co-producer of Punch Up Comedy, a positive space comedy night.
    • Cormac McGuiness, a young comedian with an Irish accent (who could have guessed?) will be making sure you don’t mistake him for a Scot.
    • Hilarity is sure to ensue with Shawna Edward, a busy performer/writer on the Toronto improv circuit.
    • Another talent from the improv world and fringe theatre is Chris Middleton, also known for his appropriately named podcast, A F*CKIN PODCAST.
    • We’re very excited to see Chantel Marostica, the self-described non-binary Justin Bieber twin.  Chantel has had national exposure and is a veteran of the comedy scene.
    • Our good friend and longtime supporter, David Solodiuk will be serenading the crowd with his fantastic voice.
    • The award-winning singer/songwriter Kevin Ralph Nelson will be tickling the ivories, captivating the room with his delightful music.
    • Enjoy the magic tricks, balloon sculptures and other talents of Winky the Clown!
    • The vocal talents of the ladies of Cat Busters are also on the program.  Which may be more comedy than music.
    • thank-you-2490552_1920.png


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