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We came across the cutest little kitten siblings through the Cat Busters Animal Rescue (CBAR) website, and we knew they were perfect for us. When Adrienne brought them to our home and opened the carry case, the two fluffiest, tiniest, cutest kittens we’d ever seen stepped out. We were instantly in love! Peanut (orange, female) and Nucky (brown tabby, male – named after Steve Buscemi’s character in Boardwalk Empire) are the sweetest, most lovable, cuddly cats we’ve ever owned.

The adoption process with CBAR was thorough and seamless. We appreciated that CBAR made sure the kittens were going to a good home, and they were quick to respond whenever we had any questions or concerns. After Peanut was spayed, we were worried that she had torn her stitches and Adrienne responded to my inquiry, offering to contact the animal hospital on our behalf. I don’t think we would have ever received this level of customer service from any other agency or shelter, and we would recommend adopting through CBAR to anyone who loves cats.

Peanut and Nucky are now almost 9 months old, and even though they can get into trouble now and then, they keep each other company, play-fighting one second and cleaning each other and cuddling the next. They are the greatest addition to our home!

– Danielle & Davin B.